We understand that not everyone on the road is as mechanically inclined as others – but if there is one thing that drivers should keep a close eye on, it is their car’s brakes. Worn out brakes can mean the different between a near-miss and a potentially bad accident – for safety’s sake, use these tips to pay attention to the condition of your vehicle’s braking system.


If you hear unusual noises, such as high-pitched screeching when you apply your brakes, it is very likely that your brake pads are getting low and will need replaced soon.  If your brake pads have been replaced recently, and you are still hearing a screeching noise, you may need to have your rotors checked.


Have your noticed an unusual vibrating or pulsating when you apply your brakes? If so, it is likely that your rotors need replaced. Perhaps your brakes are responding slower than they should be, or even the opposite problem – if your brakes seem to be overly sensitive, you should have them checked out by your mechanic.  Another action you may need to pay attention to is pulling – if it feels like an invisible force is pulling your car to one side while you are braking, there’s a good chance that the brake linings are wearing unevenly and need adjusting.


A visual inspection of your brakes can say a lot for how they are holding up. If the brakes pads are less than a quarter inch thick, it is a good idea to have them inspected. Another thing to watch out for is leaked fluid under your car where you park – a fresh puddle of fluid could be brake fluid, and means a call to your mechanic is in order.

If you have heard, seen, or felt any of the above warning signs from your braking system, place a call to your local mechanic today. Even minor problems can lead to bigger issues if ignored – a properly working braking system is crucial for your and your vehicle’s safety.


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